You're It!

Released September 25, 2020  

Mike Melito - drums  
Dino Losito - piano  
Larry McKenna - tenor Saxophone  
Neal Miner- bass  

Executive Producer: Cory Weeds  
Produced by:
Mike Melito and Dino Losito  

Recorded at Trading 8’s studio on November 20th and 21st, 2019  
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris Sulit  

Available HERE

In any successful partnership, both parties must be self-assured, while enabling the best of each other. And they should surround themselves with people who will support, encourage and inspire. Such it is, with Mike Melito and Dino Losito. Friends and colleagues of long-standing, they’re veterans of the legendary “thruway of funk” that spans Upstate New York, from Niagara Falls and Buffalo, to Rochester, Syracuse and Albany, and every place in-between. For generations, some of the swingingest musicians in Jazz have come from that hotbed, from Stanley Turrentine and J.R. Monterose to Mel Lewis and Frankie Dunlop. The Jazz Upstate has always been characterized by a take-no-prisoners, honest-to-goodness respect for soulful expression. Joined here by tenor saxophonist Larry McKenna, whose contributions to the Jazz Scene in Philadelphia (another Jazz crucible) are well-known, and first-call New York bassist, Neal Miner, Melito and Losito have turned in a date that is at once creative but relentlessly swinging, original but steeped in tradition, elegant but funky as all get-out. Sit back, spin the record, and enjoy.